Tuesday, March 13, 2012

palestinian-us writer susan abulhawa tours jordan, qatar and abu dhabi with arabic version of 'mornings in jenin'

Susan Abulhawa

The Arabic translation of Palestinian-American author Susan Abulhawa's acclaimed debut novel Mornings in Jenin , (first published in English by Bloomsbury in 2010) is published this week by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP)as a paperback under the title Baynama Yanam Al Alam meaning "While the World Sleeps". To publicise the Arabic translation Abulhawa will be appearing at events in Jordan, Qatar and Abu Dhabi in the last week of this month. The publisher says: "This is our first major multi-country author tour we have arranged, so it is a milestone for BQFP."

The novel was translated by Samia Shanan. The title of the Arabic version is a translation of the title of the German translation of the novel, Während die Welt Schlief , published by Diana Verlag as a hardback in March 2011 and as a paperback next month. Explaining why the German rather than original English title was chosen as the basis of the Arabic title BQFP says: "The reason for choosing this title is that Jenin in Arabic means newborn which would sound strange. The German title therefore seemed to work better."The novel has so far been published in 22 countries including Norway, where it is a bestseller.

Susan Abulhawa's book tour begins on Sunday 25th March when she will appear in Amman, Jordan, at a 7pm event at the contemporary art space Makan , Building number 21, Nadim Al-Mallah Street, Jabal Al-Weibdeh,

On Tuesday 27th March in Qatar at 6.30 there is ‘An hour with Susan Abulhawa in collaboration with Fakhoora’ - an event in English with simultaneous translation. Location: Student Centre, Education City

Wednesday 28th March finds Abulhawa at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair where at 5.30pm she will take part in an event chaired by ADTV journalist Fatima Al Beloushi. On Thursday 29th March at 12.15pm in Abu Dhabi Abulhawa will take part in "Where the Heart is" - a panel discussion on how the idea of “home” affects writing - with cookbook writer Sally Butcher, travel writer Tim Mackintosh-Smith (travel writer) and poet Tishani Doshi.


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Nice post.Good to know that books increases our insights through translating and publishing different languages.It is important to get a translation done right instead of having "that [insert target language nationality here] guy from accounting" do it over the weekend. I would also like to point out that a professional translation agency usually offers proofreading services (or just includes them in the translation fee). Believe me, it does help!

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thanks a lot for this post and it seems that the books will be great so i should read it i think and one thing more i want to mention is that the importance of simultaneous interpreter in abu dhabi is increasing day by day and thanks for giving this translated version