Friday, July 31, 2009

palestinian kids in gaza 'break world kite-flying record'

Al-Jazeera English video of more than 6000 Palestinian children on a Gaza beach trying to break the world record for the greatest number of kites flown from one location. An event full of all sorts of symbolism.

Kite-flying, banned in Afghanistan under the Taleban, became a symbol of freedom for Afghan children. 'The Kite Runner' Gaza style!

John Ging, director of operations for the UN Relief and Works Agency, later told Al-Jazeera that the event was a success. "No question about it, [the record] was actually smashed," Ging said."But now we have to go through the process of verification.

"We're confident that when all the materials are put together and sent back to the Guinness people they will confirm that we've broken the record here today." Ging said representatives from Guinness were unable to travel to Gaza, but provided the UN with rigorous guidelines in order to verify the attempt.

"The adjudicator who would normally come, was not able to come to Gaza because it is unsafe. But it's ok for children here in Gaza," Ging said."We need to get a grip with this thing, the fact that the children are having to live in this situation."

The BBC has a report and video on the event, and AP also has a report.

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