Monday, June 13, 2011

edinburgh & st andrews universities on 'a gay girl in damascus' hoaxer & wife

Statements from Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities in Scotland on Tom MacMaster - the 'A Gay Girl in Damascus' hoaxer - and his wife Britta Froelicher

A statement from the University of Edinburgh about the 'A Gay Girl in Damascus' blog

A University of Edinburgh spokesperson said:

"The University will investigate whether the student has breached University computing regulations. The Principal has directed Vice Principal Knowledge Management and Chief Information Officer Jeff Haywood to suspend the student's computing privileges pending the outcome of the investigation."

We will not be commenting further.


University of St Andrews spokesman:
Re: Gay Girl in Damascus blog

We can confirm that:

Ms Froelicher was a first year student conducting research towards a PhD and as such was an Associate Fellow of the University of St Andrews Centre for Syrian Studies. She was researching Syria's textile industry. On May 19, 2011 Ms Froelicher was granted leave of absence for the forthcoming academic year. We know of no links between the University and Mr MacMaster.

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