Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sowar magazine

Picture shows the third issue of Sowar, with photos of the Lebanese civil war

The pioneer Saudi blogger Saudi Jeans tells of his contribution to the newish Arab photo-journalism magazine Sowar for its Minute 22 project The project involved people taking photographs throughout the Arab world at exactly the same time - 2.22 pm local Beirut time on 22 August this year. Saudi Jeans (AKA Ahmed al-Omran) happened to be in Beirut at the magic minute, and his photographs of that city are among those featured in the fourth issue of Sowar. Copies of the magazine can be ordered via the Sowar website...but the magazine told S Jeans that Saudi Arabia is the one country to have bounced every issue back! At least someone at the magazine sent him a scan of his photos, so they are posted on his blog with commentary.

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