Tuesday, April 03, 2007

hometown baghdad videos site

Came across this website today, Hometown Baghad, "a documentary web series following the lives of a few Iraqi 20-somethings trying to survive in Baghdad". It's really worth a look at; harrowing, sad, sometimes funny, stories of how people try to cope.

From the site: "The everyday life of the Iraqi citizen has been the great untold story of the Iraq war. "

The Distribution
The brave Iraqi subjects and crew risked their lives every time they turned on a camera to make this series. They want to show the world what life is like when your hometown is a war-zone. We believe that people who see their stories will want to share them with others. That's why we're distributing the series online. So please - watch the videos, rewatch them, tell friends about them, comment on them, and link to them. "

(the still left above is from the video 'Forbidden Salad' , on the right from 'Symphony of Bullets')

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