Sunday, November 27, 2005

Iraq to be "tourist haven"

There are plans to turn Iraq into a tourist haven, including a theme park in Saddam's Tikrit Palace complex, according to the Sunday Telegraph. The article, in the newspaper's tourism section, enthuses that Iraq has antiquities, 102 airports and "a coastline that gets a lot of sun". That'll be all the heavily militarised 80kms of it then! Just the place for a spot of sunbathing. At the same time former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has complained to the Observer that torture and killings under interrogation in secret bunkers are worse than under Saddam. A theme park on the lines of the Chamber of Horrors or the London Dungeon perhaps, Iraq past and present. What does Tony Blair's human rights envoy to Iraq Ann Clwyd make of the human rights abuses now practised in the new Iraq? She's not been exactly vocal in her condemnation so far.

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