Thursday, June 19, 2014

announcement on Funeral and Condolences day of Palestinian Judge Eugene Cotran

Judge Eugene Cotran, one of the most loved and eminent members of the Palestinian community in the UK and far beyond, died on 7 June. Please find below the details of his funeral on 20th June and of the open day of Condolences on 21st June, plus a request for any donations to go go Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Judge Cotran, born on 6th August 1938, grew up in Jerusalem and was a circuit judge in England. He wrote this fascinating piece on his life for This Week in Palestine, under the headline A Day in the Life of Eugene Cotran.

 from Palestinian Mission UK

Funeral of our beloved Judge Eugene Cotran
The Funeral of our beloved Judge Eugene Cotran will take place on
Friday 20th of June at St Joseph Church at 11.00am
St Joseph Church
Cookham Road
Berkshire SL6 7EG

وتدعو عائلة قطران الأهل والأصدقاء لمشاركتهم الصلاة وستقبل التعازي بعد مراسم الدفن في فندق
Condolences after funeral on Friday will be held at

The Oakley Court Hotel
Windsor Road,
Water Oakley
Windsor SL4 5UR
In accordance with our beloved Eugene’s wish, his family is asking those who wish to send flowers, to donate the money to
Medical Aid for Palestine)MAP)
to be sent to:
W. Sherry & Sons
227 Acton Lane
London W4 5DD
Tel: 020 8994 5474

The Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK and Cotran family 
Are holding an open day of Condolences
On Saturday 21st June 17.00-20.00
AT Capthorne Tara hotel
Scarsdale Place
London W8 5SR

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