Friday, November 23, 2012

a brief video clip from Reem Kelani's Nour Festival concert at the Tabernacle

This brief video clip is a sample of the atmosphere at Palestinian singer and musician Reem Kelani's wonderful concert held at the Tabernacle, West London, last night as part of the Nour Festival. In the clip Kelani initiates a musical "fight" between Palestinian oud player Tamer Abu Ghazaleh and Cornish double bass player Ryan Trebilcock, to great effect, and invites Trebilcock to challenge the beatifically smiling drummer Antonio Fusco. Bruno Heinen, in top form, is on piano. I plan to write more on the concert, which was received with wild enthusiasm by the audience and ended with a standing ovation. I have another, longer, video clip of Reem singing after the interval but unfortunately Blogger seemed unable to cope with its size when it came to uploading it.

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