Sunday, July 17, 2011

libyan novelist ahmed fagih & 'homeless rats' in english translation

Libyan novelist Ahmed Fagih with a copy of his novel Homeless Rats hot off the press from Quartet Books of London, in English translation by Dr Sorayya Allam. Quartet's Palestinian chairman Naim Attallah has been tweeting enthusiastically about the novel, saying that it is "receiving tumultuous praise from those who bought early will receive a literary prize" and that it "will be heavily marketed in September. Be the first to read this exciting novel." The one review to appear so far on is most positive and gives a five-star rating. It compares the novel to Richard Adams' highly successful 1972 epic rabbit fantasy Watership Down, the film of which was released in 1978. Of course the real test of the novel will come when it is the hands of readers and reviewers.

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