Wednesday, January 14, 2009

bbc radio series on 'british iranians 30 years on'

'The Flight from Tehran: British-Iranians 30 Years On' is a gem of a series running on BBC Radio 4 daily this week in 15-minute episodes at 3.45 pm. Each episode can be hear via for seven days after transmission via the series page. The presenter, British-Iranian writer David Mattin, has assembled a collage of memories and anecdotes, poignant and often amusing, from Iranians who came to Britain around the time of the Revolution.

Today happens to be the launch date of the BBC's new Persian satellite TV channel (link to promo video below). Last year saw the launch of BBC Arabic TV, for which several World Service language services were sacrificed. Wonder whether it has done much recently to overcome the criticisms of British policy on Gaza being heard in some quarters.

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