Friday, August 22, 2008

john le carre's latest: 'a most wanted man'

The Daily Telegraph has a story on John Le Carre's latest novel, A Most Wanted Man (Hodder & Stoughton in the UK, Scribner in the US) which revolves around extraordinary rendition. This could hardly be more timely given the horrific relevations yesterday on the alleged rendition for torture in Morocco of Guantanamo inmate and British resident, Ethiopian Binyam Mohamed, with the collusion of MI5 and the CIA. The High Court in London ruled yesterday that MI5 must release secret information on his torture that could be useful for Mohamed's defence. Mohamed was arrested in Pakistan in 2002.
The Telegraph story on Le Carre's novel includes a film of the author in Hamburg, where the new novel is set. The nine-minute video was made for Hodder by Simon Channning-Williams, producer of the Oscar-winning film of the Le Carre novel The Constant Gardener. The report says this is the first time a publishing company has worked with a major film producer in this way.
All the elements of another compelling Le Carre read appear to be in place. Can't wait...

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